Mr Tiger is a real tiger!

23 April 2014

Life in Aunty Lissi’s household in Windhoek is always exciting. I love visiting her. There is always something happening, or something to do: the fish in the fishpond need to be fed, the beautiful flowers in the garden need to be watered, the tortoises need fresh lettuce and cucumbers…

And if Mr Tiger is around, and in a playful mood, you’d better beware! Those long claws and sharp teeth are pretty scary, particularly when you’re my size and shape. Luckily, he has never tried to sharpen his claws on me, and when he curls up next to me, he’s careful not to dent me too much. I must say, it is very comforting to lie next to a purring cat.

He likes to show me his hunting skills. And, oh! he has so many stories to tell – of chasing lizards and mice and large insects and birds…

“Unfortunately, my humans don’t like it when I bring them presents, like a half-dead mouse or a bird that’s still alive…,” remarked Mr Tiger. “It takes me hours to find them and hunt them and chase them … and then when I catch them, and bring them into the house, there’s such a hullaballoo! I don’t understand it. You would think they’d be grateful.”

I nodded understandingly. (Mind you, I don’t like half-dead mice much either… but I didn’t want to hurt Mr Tiger’s feelings by saying so.)

“You see, that’s why I like to keep in practice,” he declared, proudly flexing his claws. “There’s this crocheted spider on a string… it taunts me… it smells of catnip, and it drives me wild! Here, let me show you…”

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