A long journey back to Cape Town

08 October 2017 I have been off the radar for a while, because I have been traveling. Resting in New Jersey After my thrilling trip to Iceland – the land of fire and ice! – with Paprika, Oregano, Cheerio and Chamomile in August, we needed about a week to recover. It was lovely and peaceful … More A long journey back to Cape Town

Botanical tea and curious dachshunds among the flowers

09 June 2017 It has been a very busy morning for us. Reggie and I dashed about doing some last-minute shopping for our big trip to Europe. I had asked Reggie whether we could take some gifts with us, that we could give to friends overseas. We got some delicious chocolates, which were handmade right … More Botanical tea and curious dachshunds among the flowers

Exciting news!

08 June 2017 We are flying to Europe tomorrow evening! When I say ‘we’, I mean me and my dear friends Reggie and Richard. They had asked me a month or two ago, when they were booking their flights, whether I felt like an overseas adventure. Well, of course I did! At first I thought … More Exciting news!

The Cape of Storms

07 June 2017 Cape Town and the Western Cape have been experiencing a terrible drought. We have had almost no rain since last year. Even the autumn rains did not happen. Everyone is frightfully worried at the steadily dropping dam levels. We have been trying to save water wherever we can, but it doesn’t seem … More The Cape of Storms

Home sweet home…

25 November 2014 This morning, I joined my friend Glynnis on her delivery rounds. She and Max were delivering copies of the Pinelands Muse magazine all over the neighbourhood. The December/January edition is the final one of the year, and now they’re going to have a well-earned break until it’s time to publish the February … More Home sweet home…

A little gift

12 April 2014 “Flat Kathy, it is customary for a guest to bring a little gift,” explained my friend Birgitte from Denmark, as she was getting me ready for my long flight to South Africa. “Especially if you’re going to be staying with Reggie and Richard for a while.” “Oh!” I said. “I would love … More A little gift