Fluttering butterflies, colourful birds, and sluggish iguanas at hot and humid Butterfly World

21 March 2013

Today, we visited Butterfly World, which happened to be one of the items on my Exciting Wish List. Reggie had told me that she and Richard had visited here sometime last year (see her blog), and that it was the most magical kingdom of butterflies and birds, with all kinds of other unusual creatures too.

When we arrived mid-morning, the place was slowly started to fill up with visitors, as it was a public holiday. All too soon, it became unpleasantly crowded, and so we decided to retire to the peaceful restaurant instead for some restorative munchies. What a marvelous place!

Click on any of the pictures in the gallery to access the image caroussel with all the captions.

4 thoughts on “Fluttering butterflies, colourful birds, and sluggish iguanas at hot and humid Butterfly World

    1. Hello Sybil – yes, I had an extremely busy day yesterday and last night. I have been working on these draft posts for daaaays, but the Twins have been such a distraction that Reggie and I only completed and posted them yesterday. But then we put in the dates when I had originally started to write them, so that they stay in the right sequence; that is why they are all on different dates. You are very observant, Sybil!


  1. Flat Kathy, I was going to say how VERY busy you’ve been, but just read Sybil’s comment (and your reply) and now see that you’ve had original posts waiting to be published for some time. Curvy Kathy doesn’t have your patience. She has to publish her post within a day (or immediately) after writing it. She admires your patience!


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