A visit to the vast gardens of Babylonstoren

3 March 2013

On Sunday 3 March 2013, the day after the CANSA Shavathon during which I sacrificed my hair too, Reggie, Aunty Karin and I joined our friends, Little N, Dr Felix and Dr Lizette on a drive out to a very interesting and unusual farm called Babylonstoren.

The place is famous for its vast vegetable, fruit and herb garden. I was quite stunned by its size and the staggering variety of edible plants they grow. After walking around for what seemed like a couple of hours, in the baking sun, we had a delicious lunch at their Green House Restaurant. Then we slowly made our way back to the car. What an extraordinary place!

Click on any of the pictures below to see the slideshow with captions.

6 thoughts on “A visit to the vast gardens of Babylonstoren

  1. What a great place, and that lunch looks scrumptious! I LOVE the picture of you sitting on the straw bales, surrounded by zillions of yellow flowers – awesome! Thank you so much for the postcard, Flat Kathy – it arrived a day or two ago and it is hanging up on my refrigerator. Now I have one from South Africa!


    1. Hello Barbara – Oh, I am so relieved to hear that the postcard has arrived, thank you for letting me know. I’ll ask Reggie to help me write one to you from Namibia too, though it probably won’t have a picture of me on it, because I don’t think there’s a place in Namibia that allows you to print your photos as postcards.

      I love that photo too – it’s impossible not to be cheerful when you’re in the midst of so many bright yellow flowers!


  2. Love you in the stroller. Were you tired from hopping on your stick ? You and the sunflower make a lovely couple.

    I received your wonderful post card yesterday. Thank you so much F.K. and thanks also to your host Reggie.


    1. Hello Sybil – Actually, I don’t do much hopping about on my stick, as I usually catch a ride with Reggie or Richard or Aunty Karin. That stroller was sooo comfortable, and Nina didn’t seem to mind me borrowing it. How wonderful to hear that you received my postcard. I shall ask Reggie to help me write another one to you soon, perhaps from Namibia.


    1. (I am blushing.) That giant sunflower was quite stunning, wasn’t it?! Little N is as bright as a button – I am always amazed at how well she switches between English and German, depending on the person who is speaking with her. She is delightful!


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