A refreshing dip in the pool

22 March 2013

“Phew, it’s HOT today,” I groaned, fanning myself as the sweat trickled down my back. “I thought it’s supposed to be autumn already?”

“It’s the end of summer,” agreed Reggie, “but it can still get very hot in Cape Town. How about we go for a swim?”

“Um… how?” I inquired, puzzled. “I mean, I’m fairly sure I won’t float in water…?”

Reggie giggled. “I know, Flat Kathy, but I’ll figure something out.”

So we did: Reggie put some pebbles into a large ball glass, propped my stick between the pebbles, and carefully balanced the glass on the first step of the pool. It was a little unstable, I admit, but to my surprise, it was pleasantly cool! And although I didn’t really go for a swim in the traditional sense of the word, I think it’s not too inaccurate to call it “a refreshing dip in the pool”. 😀

A refreshing dip in the pool
A refreshing dip in the pool

5 thoughts on “A refreshing dip in the pool

  1. In fact, Reggie sounds a lot like my daughter. My daughter does stuff like this with her favorite stuffed animals that came from Reggie in South Africa.


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