A little-little Easter egg hunt

17 April 2014

“Do you remember last year’s Thrilling Easter Egg hunts?” asked Reggie this morning.

“Yes!” I cried, fondly reminiscing. “I remember hunting for chocolate Easter eggs with the terrible twins, Thabo and Bheki, and Little N, and I also remember how much fun we had in Windhoek, when we were visiting Aunty Lissi, and the Easter bunny himself hid some chocolate bunnies and marshmallow eggs all over the garden…”

“Well, I think the Easter bunny hid some things in our garden earlier this morning,” said Reggie, with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. “Why don’t you and Edward T Bear have a little-little Easter egg hunt?”

Ooooh! It was such fun! I do love treasure hunts…

Edward T Bear and I find a couple of Easter bunnies in the herb pots!
Edward T Bear and I find a couple of Easter bunnies and marshmallow eggs tucked away in the herb pots!

2 thoughts on “A little-little Easter egg hunt

  1. We had a lovely Easter egg hunt here too in the yard. Treasure hunts are indeed a lot of fun! Treats left by the Easter bunny outdoors are usually found inside hard plastic egg shells so as not to tempt the local wildlife. This year there was a delay of a few hours between the eggs being hidden and then discovered, and we found one of the plastic eggs greatly scratched up by a little creature with a nose for chocolate.


    1. “What a funny story, Amy-Lynn! We don’t seem to have any wild animals in Reggie’s garden, so luckily, our chocolate eggs and bunnies were safe. I LOVE treasure hunts too,” says Flat Kathy.


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