A braai with friends

23 November 2014

Yes, I am back in Cape Town again!

I flew back to South Africa with my friend Jo last week. It was wonderful to see the familiar silhouette of Table Mountain again, and to be surrounded by the familiar sights and sounds of summer-time Cape Town. Oh, I can honestly say that this place has become my second home. While my roots are still firmly anchored in Nova Scotia, and while I know that I must return there some day, I do believe that Cape Town has captured my heart.

Today, Jo and Don (who looks rather delightfully like Father Christmas, don’t you think?) drove into a suburb that I immediately recognised.

“We’re in Pinelands!” I cried. “Oh, are we going to visit Richard and Reggie?”

“Not quite,” said Jo, “we’re having a braai with Glynnis and Max today.”

“Oh, how wonderful!” I exclaimed. “I remember them. They produce the monthly Pinelands Muse, which is a brilliant community magazine. Reggie let me read her copies – she’s collected all of them since the beginning.”

It was lovely to see familiar faces again. And so kind of them to share a braai with me. I felt like part of the family. Glynnis had even made up a bed on the sofa for me, so that I could get a good night’s rest. Tomorrow, I am joining her on her delivery rounds!

Max, Don and Jo pose for a photograph with me
Max, Don and Jo pose for a photograph with me

4 thoughts on “A braai with friends

    1. Thank you very much, Glynnis. You know, it’s only because of you and Jo and Jaqui and Mike that I made it safely back to Cape Town again. I am very grateful indeed.

      When I saw Don for the first time, I really thought he was Father Christmas. I kept looking around for his reindeer and his sled… I’m still not completely convinced he’s not Santa Claus, just having a bit of a break before he has to transport all those millions of presents all over the world.


  1. Hello Kathy. So glad you could join us for a braai at Glynn and Max. The food was really good,as usual,and the company was wonderful too. I hope you enjoy your time in Cape Town and get to know a whole new bunch of friends. Just between you and me, Don WILL be Father Christmas on Saturday at a party for underpriveleged children. He likes to get an early start before he has to deliver pressies all around the world to the children in their homes. Take care. Luv Jo


    1. Hello Jo! Welcome to my blog!

      I just KNEW it! I KNEW that Don was Father Christmas in disguise. Oh, those kids are going to have a fabulous time when he delivers those presies.

      I hope that Reggie & Richard will meet you too sometime; I’ve asked Reggie to help me type up some posts about my stay in England, with you and Jaqui and Mike.


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