Happy Valentine’s Day!

In honour of Valentine’s Day, Reggie gave me a bit of a makeover this morning.

She untied the ribbons from my hair, straightened my braids out (they kept falling down over my eyes), and re-tied them with some cute ribbons with hearts on them.

I like my new look!

Happy Valentine's Day to All My Friends around the World!
Happy Valentine’s Day to All My Friends around the World!

8 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Well Flat Kathy, what a doll you turned out to be! When you were created, we were careful to make you into a homely girl, because we knew already you were a bit of a tart….we knew it right from the cutting-out! Oh well, let’s just hope Reggie knew what she was doing. Meanwhile…go girl, knock em dead!


    1. Reggie replies: Oh dear, Lynne, I think Flat Kathy was rather hurt at being called ‘a bit of a tart’; she said tearfully that she can’t help herself, as it’s just in her nature to be friendly and chatty. She feels that her friendliness is often misunderstood as being overly flirtatious. I’d better go and give her a hug.


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