Enjoying a life of leisure at a luxury game lodge

27 April 2014 For days, my friends had been talking about our upcoming weekend at a luxury game lodge in the bushveld. Much to my delight, Edward and I were going to go along. Finally, the day came. We packed everything into the 4×4 vehicle of Sister Tanya’s friend K, and headed east along a … More Enjoying a life of leisure at a luxury game lodge

Baby guavas

21 April 2014 During our explorations of the garden, Edward T Bear and I found these little bright red fruit. We didn’t know what they were, so we picked one, and asked Aunty Lissi. “Those are miniature guavas, Flat Kathy,” she explained. “They have a strongly sour and tart flavour, but they are very rich … More Baby guavas

Hunting for Easter eggs

20 April 2014 “The Easter Bunny was here this morning,” announced Aunty Lissi. “I happened to see something running around the garden when I was making breakfast earlier. At first I thought it was Tiger, but it was white-and-tan in colour, whereas Tiger is dark-grey-and-black.” “So it must have been the Easter Bunny?!” I cried. … More Hunting for Easter eggs

A hard nut to crack

20 April 2014 “What’s in those plastic bags, Aunty Lissi?” I asked, while we were tidying up the kitchen. “Nuts. They were a present. But they’re so hard, that I haven’t been able to crack them open to eat them.” Richard, who had overheard our conversation, piped up, “I’ll open them for you. Do you … More A hard nut to crack

A little gift

12 April 2014 “Flat Kathy, it is customary for a guest to bring a little gift,” explained my friend Birgitte from Denmark, as she was getting me ready for my long flight to South Africa. “Especially if you’re going to be staying with Reggie and Richard for a while.” “Oh!” I said. “I would love … More A little gift