Hunting for Easter eggs

20 April 2014 “The Easter Bunny was here this morning,” announced Aunty Lissi. “I happened to see something running around the garden when I was making breakfast earlier. At first I thought it was Tiger, but it was white-and-tan in colour, whereas Tiger is dark-grey-and-black.” “So it must have been the Easter Bunny?!” I cried. … More Hunting for Easter eggs

Thabo and Bheki hunt the chocolate Easter bunnies

01 April 2013 “Thabo? Bheki? I think I saw something running through the garden very, very early this morning,” announced Reggie at breakfast on Easter Sunday. “Really?” I asked, intrigued. The Twins, who had been smearing yoghurt over their faces in their attempt to feed themselves, stopped what they were doing, and stared at Reggie, … More Thabo and Bheki hunt the chocolate Easter bunnies