Curling up with Paprika & Oregano

08 October 2014 One day, my friends Paprika and Oregano phoned us to hear how we were doing. They’d been looking at some of the blog posts we’d written about the time I spent with them in July and August. It was lovely to reminisce about the adventures we had together. At first, I stayed … More Curling up with Paprika & Oregano

A day on the farm

05 September 2014 My dear friends, what a day we had today!! Last night over supper, Rosemary turned to me and asked, “Have you ever gone apple-picking, Flat Kathy?” “No,” I said, shaking my head regretfully. “Reggie had wanted to take me strawberry picking… and cherry picking… but I wasn’t in South Africa at the … More A day on the farm

A Labor Day Party

1 September 2014 My dear friends, I cannot wait to tell you how much fun I had today with Rosemary and Basil! A few days ago, I learned that Americans celebrate Labor Day on the first weekend of September; this public holiday honors all the workers who have contributed to the economic development and prosperity … More A Labor Day Party

We go shopping

30 August 2014 My hosts in Virginia, Rosemary and Basil, have really made me feel like I am part of their family. Today, we went shopping together. They even allowed me to help push the shopping trolley for them, while they bought some things for the house. It seems that they only moved to Virginia … More We go shopping

I meet ‘Library Lil’ at the Handley Library – and (almost) take a bite of a huge red apple

27 August 2014 Oh, I had so much fun today with Rosemary! Rosemary and Basil live in the lovely town of Winchester, which is situated in the Shenandoah Valley. The town is home to a University and a Conservatory. Perhaps my friends will take me for a bit of a tour of the town one … More I meet ‘Library Lil’ at the Handley Library – and (almost) take a bite of a huge red apple

Hello, Virginia!

25 August 2014 I have arrived in Virginia! As you know, my New Jersey family – Paprika and Oregano – had dropped me off at their local post office a few days ago. I was already missing them – and particularly playful little Otis and cuddly Linus. Although I was traveling in a comfortable, padded … More Hello, Virginia!