A little gift

12 April 2014 “Flat Kathy, it is customary for a guest to bring a little gift,” explained my friend Birgitte from Denmark, as she was getting me ready for my long flight to South Africa. “Especially if you’re going to be staying with Reggie and Richard for a while.” “Oh!” I said. “I would love … More A little gift

A treat

12 April 2014 As a reward for our help in the garden, and because it is Easter, after all, Reggie buttered us some hot cross buns, and made us a cup of tea to share. I still remember the first time I had these delicious buns – it was during our visit to Windhoek in … More A treat

Planting some lawn

12 April 2014 “Flat Kathy, are you up for some garden work?” asked Richard. “We need to re-plant some of the lawn that we removed while they were paving the courtyard. There used to be some grass growing around this big old rhus tree, but we had to take it all out and leave it … More Planting some lawn

Tidying up

11 April 2014 My hosts in Cape Town are in the middle of some building work – teams of workers have been coming and going, laying down pavers for the courtyard, tiling the patio, and building a wooden pergola. When they finished their work for the day, Edward T Bear and I decided to lend … More Tidying up

Bacon and eggs

11 April 2014 “Would you like a little snack, Flat Kathy?” asked Reggie. “I’m making myself some bacon and eggs…” “That sounds yummy,” I said. “Edward T Bear was just saying to me that it would be lovely to have a bit of snack around about now…” “Yes, I thought I could hear his tummy … More Bacon and eggs

Home-baked bread

09 April 2014 Today, I helped Reggie to bake a fresh loaf of wholewheat bread. Oh, there are few things nicer in life than a slice of home-baked bread, fresh out of the oven and still warm enough so that the butter can melt into it. Delicious.

Quality control

08 April 2014 I had been given instructions to keep an eye on the workers, who are creating a new patio and courtyard for my friends in Cape Town, and so I did. Despite the baking heat, the team put in long hours of work to finish the grouting between the tiles. I must confess … More Quality control

Chilling out

08 April 2014 After my lengthy trip by airmail from a still-wintery Denmark in the far northern hemisphere, to an oven-hot Cape Town, I was feeling rather exhausted. “Flat Kathy, today is a very hot day, and it’s going to get even hotter in the next few days – into the high 30s,” Reggie told … More Chilling out

A lovely welcome

08 April 2014 “I know someone who will be very happy to see you again,” said Reggie, as we made our way home from the post office. “Here we are,” she said, as we pulled into the driveway. “Look familiar, Flat Kathy?” “Ohh, yes,” I replied. “Very familiar.” We went inside to drop off the … More A lovely welcome