Mr Tiger is a real tiger!

23 April 2014 Life in Aunty Lissi’s household in Windhoek is always exciting. I love visiting her. There is always something happening, or something to do: the fish in the fishpond need to be fed, the beautiful flowers in the garden need to be watered, the tortoises need fresh lettuce and cucumbers… And if Mr … More Mr Tiger is a real tiger!

Tiger on the prowl

19 April 2014 I was watching the baby tortoises munching a couple of leaves of lettuce, when I heard a rumbling sound right next to my head, “Rrrrmmmmm-rrrrmmmmm-rrrrmmmm.” I toppled over in fright. I looked up to find a furry face right close to mine. “Mr Tiger!” I exclaimed. It was Aunty Lissi’s cat, whom … More Tiger on the prowl

Help! There’s a Tiger in the house!

29 March 2013 A piercing shriek echoed through the house, followed by the scampering of little feet. The Twins hurtled into the kitchen and threw themselves at Reggie and me, crying hysterically. “What’s wrong? What happened?” I asked, embracing Bheki and patting her back in a calming sort of way. Reggie had picked up Thabo, … More Help! There’s a Tiger in the house!

Hunting for Easter eggs

20 April 2014 “The Easter Bunny was here this morning,” announced Aunty Lissi. “I happened to see something running around the garden when I was making breakfast earlier. At first I thought it was Tiger, but it was white-and-tan in colour, whereas Tiger is dark-grey-and-black.” “So it must have been the Easter Bunny?!” I cried. … More Hunting for Easter eggs

Edward T Bear riding high!

20 April 2014 I had told Edward T Bear all about meeting the many tortoises in Aunty Lissi’s garden. So the next day, he insisted that he wanted to come along for the feeding. “You’re a very little bear, Edward,” Reggie cautioned him. “Those big tortoises are much bigger than you. So you will need … More Edward T Bear riding high!


Namibia with Reggie and Richard 28 March 2013 – Packing for Namibia 28 March 2013 – Flying to Namibia 28 March 2013 – Kaffee and Kuchen 29 March 2013 – Herbie the tortoise 29 March 2013 – Tiger the cat 30 March 2013 – Easter buns 01 April 2013 – Easter bunny hunt 01 April … More Namibia

I see the Swakop river crossing and the Swakop river mouth

05 April 2013 After our almost-ascent of Dune 7, we returned to the car and made our way back onto the arrow-straight gravel road north towards Swakopmund. Beautiful peach-and-ochre coloured dunes rose up on our left, while gravel plans stretched out on our right, all the way to the horizon. A railway line seemed to … More I see the Swakop river crossing and the Swakop river mouth

Medical miracles at Little N’s Clinic

06 February 2013 On Sunday, Reggie and I drove through to Noordhoek (which we had visited the day before for a delicious lunch), to have lunch with their friends, Dr Lizette, Dr Felix and Little N. The three of them had gone for a hike at Chapman’s Peak with Richard in the morning, and we … More Medical miracles at Little N’s Clinic