Finally… whales!

20 August 2017

As you know, we had our whale watching expedition canceled due to rough seas not once, but twice, due to the bad weather. Fortunately, we were able to scramble our plans, and we managed to take one last chance on seeing whales before leaving Northern Iceland for Reykjavik. That last chance paid off!

We boarded a lovingly restored smaller, older boat that is run by three brothers. Thankfully, Paprika, Cheerio, Oregano and Chamomile were given insulated/waterproof overalls to wear during their time on the boat. It can get a little damp and chilly on these excursions. They didn’t have one in my size, but I was snuggled into my trusty rain coat.

Our lovingly restored whale watching boat

We traveled up the fjord to the spot where it meets the ocean and there in the distance we could see whales spouting out of their blow holes.

“Look, Flat Kathy, that means there is a whale over there.”

“I see three of those spouts, Paprika. Does that mean that there are three whales?”

“I’m not sure if there are 3 whales, but hold on tight because the captain is about to move the boat very fast to get closer to the whales,” Paprika warned me. It was a good thing I held on so tightly, because the boat moved quickly and rocked a lot.

On the whale watching boat with my friends
Whales tails – or rather, flukes!

Oregano explained that the boat captain would try to get close to the whales so that we could get a better look at them, but not close enough to scare them.

“They never chase the whales,” he added. “They will always let the whales come to them if they are curious enough to do so.”

We were very lucky that day. Three humpback whales came right up alongside our boat. Paprika tried really hard to capture a picture of the whales and their beautiful flukes (which is what their tails are called), but they always seemed to disappear just before the camera shutter snapped. The bobbing up and down of the boat did not help matters.

“Flat Kathy, it is just too hard to snap a picture of you and the whales,” Paprika said. “Let’s just take this time to enjoy these marvelous animals with our own eyes.”

The whales were so big when they got up close!

“I think I got a good picture of their tails,” shouted Cheerio over the boat’s engine. And so he did!

I’m so happy we finally got to go on our whale watching expedition.


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