A visit to the Arctic Botanical Garden

15 August 2017

I relax, waiting for my friends to return from their kayaking adventure

We were feeling rather tired after our long flight from the United States to Iceland, so, after unpacking and having dinner, we all fell sound asleep.

This morning, Paprika, Cheerio, Chamomile and Oregano planned to go kayaking in the fjord.

“We’re very sorry we can’t take you with us, Flat Kathy, but it’s just too dangerous to have you in a kayak,” said Paprika. I was disappointed that I couldn’t go, but Paprika was right. I can’t swim and it wouldn’t have been safe for me.

“We’ll do something fun with you this afternoon,” Chamomile said. That cheered me up. I decided to relax on the balcony and enjoy the view hope I’d see my friends paddling in their kayaks.

When they returned from their adventure, we all went to the Arctic Botanical Garden (Website), one of the most northern botanical gardens in the world. There were so many lovely flowers and so many bees.

“Flat Kathy, those flowers match your skin perfectly. Will you please pose next to them for me?” Paprika asked.

“It’s awfully windy, Paprika, but I’ll give it a go.”

Alas, the breeze kept knocking me off my feet. Paprika had to take the photo without me. But you can see that those pretty flowers do match my complexion!

Tomorrow is a big day for us. We are hoping to go to Grimsey Island and the Arctic Circle. It will be a long day. Fingers crossed the weather will be good for the long boat ride.

Aren’t these flowers lovely?

4 thoughts on “A visit to the Arctic Botanical Garden

    1. Amazingly, Flat Kathy doesn’t seem to be affected by jetlag much. She’s always ready to get out there and have an adventure, Sybil. I admire her spirit!


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