We have arrived in Iceland!

14 August 2017

Here I am – in Iceland!

My dear friends around the world – I’m so excited! I am finally in Iceland!

After our long overnight flight, we were all very tired, when we arrived at 7:00 in the morning, but I still posed for a picture to commemorate the occasion.

My fellow travellers and I landed in Reykjavik, but that was not our final stop. We had one more leg of the trip to go – a 380 km drive north to the city of Akureyri.

What a beautiful drive through the countryside it was. We saw vistas of mountains, waterfalls, and small glaciers.

There were sheep EVERYWHERE and Icelandic horses.

Paprika tried to explain how they are different than other horses, but she is really more of a cat person. She was only able to tell me that these horses have a different gait than other horses, that they tend to be shorter and stockier, and that they grow long hair in the winter. It gets extremely cold in Iceland, so their thick fur keeps them warm.

Professor Google told me that Icelandic horses are one of the oldest breeds of horses, having been brought to Iceland in the 9th and 10th centuries by the fearsome Vikings. The unusual gait that is unique to Icelandic horses is called the tölt, which looks kind of like a very fast trot/canter, but with one hoof always in contact with the ground. Apparently it is a very fast and comfortable way of covering lots of ground very quickly.

I hope I can persuade my friends to let me meet one soon!

The landscape here is so dramatic and vast – it makes me feel quite small
Can you imagine living here? I can…

4 thoughts on “We have arrived in Iceland!

    1. Luckily, Prof Google is very knowledgeable, Rosemary. 😉

      I too am enjoying Flat Kathy’s tales of her Icelandic adventures with your Paprika & Oregano. I’m amazed they’re finding the time to write!


  1. Dear F.K., I have seen videos on line of Icelandic horses tolting. The person riding the horse/pony is holding a glass of champagne and not a drop spills as the gait is so smooth. Interesting that you made it to Iceland before I get there as this is somewhere I really want to visit and is much closer to me than to where you live in S.A.

    I am most jealous of your marvellous adventures.


    1. I too am feeling a tad envious, Sybil. I hope we have a chance to visit Iceland sometime, as it looks like a fascinating country with breathtaking landscapes.


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