Balloons everywhere!

31 July 2017

On Saturday evening, it had been too windy for the balloons to be launched (see yesterday’s blogpost) – but during the last launch of the New Jersey Festival of Ballooning, we were treated to quite a show.

Normally the launch on Sunday is smaller than on the other nights because many of the balloon crews leave. Oregano and Paprika decided to walk up to the festival again shortly before sundown; they weren’t expecting to see very much, so I stayed at home with the cats.

My friends have three cats. They’re called Linus, Otis and Keebler. Paprika has written about each of them on her blog. They had been asking me lots of questions about my travels, and I was right in the middle of telling them some stories about Africa. The new young cat Keebler was particularly curious, as this was the first time he’d met someone from Africa.

“We can see you’re very busy at the moment, Flat Kathy,” said Paprika, giving each of the cats an affectionate little head-scratch in passing, “so we’ll leave you to entertain the fur-kids.”

When they came back some time after sunset, Paprika declared, “Well, that was quite a show! We’re sorry you didn’t come with us this time, Flat Kathy.”

“What happened?” I asked.

“Well, the balloons did launch, but they were about 45 minutes late. The air was very still, so the balloons just hung in the air over the airport – Oregano managed to take some lovely photos. Here, have a look.”

We scrolled through the photos on Oregano’s phone, and oohed and aahed!

“After about 15 minutes,” added Oregano, “the balloons began drifting towards our neighborhood. We started walking back home with the balloons hovering overhead in all directions.”

“And then,” interrupted Paprika, laughing, “halfway back to our house, the balloons started landing all around us! It was very exciting and we got amazing close-up pictures of some of the character balloons.”

Oh, what a sight! My friends kindly gave me permission to use some of their photos on my blog. Have a look!


3 thoughts on “Balloons everywhere!

    1. Flat Kathy replies: “Oh, I so enjoyed telling them some stories about Africa, Paprika. They were so curious – particularly about all the big cats that live there… lions, cheetahs, leopards, servals, caracal, wildcats.”

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