I meet my fellow travellers

23 July 2017

We pose for our official pre-expedition photograph

I have finally recovered from jet lag after my lengthy trip to the United States. Last night I went with Paprika and Oregano to meet their traveling companions: Cheerio and Chamomile. (Don’t you just love their names? I sure do…)

They were so welcoming to me and are excited to have me traveling with all of them. They are both teachers like Paprika, so I have a feeling I will be learning a lot on this trip to Iceland.

Can you believe it? I am going to visit Iceland!

Well, last night was our pre-expedition planning meeting. There was much to talk about.

My fellow travelers discussed our different activities and showed me maps of where we would be visiting. They are hoping to go whale watching, kayaking and hiking. Some of those activities might be too dangerous for me, but Paprika promised me she’d tell me all about it and show me lots of photos, if I couldn’t go along.

We are all really excited at the possibility of getting to the Arctic Circle. I’m worried about being cold, but Paprika has assured me that it won’t be too cold since it is still summer up north.

There are so many amazing geological sights in Iceland. I can’t wait to see them all!

Before the night was over, we posed for our official pre-expedition photo. They seem like such a fun group. I feel so lucky to be in good hands!


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