A kitty-cat welcome at Paprika and Oregano

18 July 2017

My dear friends, I am sure you will be happy to hear that I have survived my long-haul flight across the Atlantic Ocean from Cape Town to the United States.

Making friends with Keebler

Reggie had tucked me into my bubble-wrap envelope only ten days earlier, and here I am, on the other side of the world! After my previous experiences with the South African Post Office, I do confess that I felt some trepidation and feared I might be traveling for many long weeks – but here I am!

Oh, how excited I was to see the cheerful faces of my New Jersey friends.

“Flat Kathy, welcome back!” Paprika greeted me with a warm hug. “We are so pleased you are safe and sound. It was much faster than we had anticipated. You don’t look like you have aged at all, my dear. How do you manage that? I wish I knew your secret.”

Moments after my arrival, the resident cats Linus and Otis trotted down the passage to check out the commotion in the hallway. We greeted each other as old dear friends do.

“You must be tired after your long journey,” said Paprika, extricating me gently from the two cats before they became too exuberant in their delight. “Why don’t you rest for a little while, and you can tell us all about your recent journey through Europe later?”

I sat down on a soft chair and made myself comfortable. Ahh, I sighed contentedly. This felt good.

Suddenly, a ginger cat leapt onto my chair and looked at me quizzically. “So you are Flat Kathy, the aspiring world traveller? Linus and Otis have told me about you when I moved in a while back. My name is Keebler.”

“Hello Keebler,” I replied politely, as Keebler approached me cautiously, leaning in to give me a welcome kiss. I have a feeling we’ll become friends.


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