Goodbye Cape Town – USA, here I come!

07 July 2017

My South African family and I had barely returned to Cape Town last weekend, when I received a most marvelous invitation via a comment on my blog.

We had spent most of Sunday unpacking and tidying things away after our three-week journey around Europe, and I had helped Reggie to download all the photos and video clips of our time over there, when a new message suddenly pinged into our inbox.

“Ooh! Flat Kathy! Look!” exclaimed Reggie, as I huddled closer to peer over her shoulder. “It’s an invitation from your dear friends, Paprika and Oregano in New Jersey.”

I still have such happy memories of my two previous visits to the United States, to stay with Paprika and Oregano and their many cats. In July and August of 2013, we had briefly visited Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota, and a year later, in July and August of 2014, we had traveled together as far as Alaska! I also spent a delightful couple of months with Paprika’s mom Rosemary and her husband Basil in Virginia from August to October 2014, before flying to the United Kingdom, on a stop-over to my final destination in Cape Town, where I was finally reunited with my South African family.

“So, Flat Kathy, are you ready for another adventure?”

“Oh yes!” I cried.

“Well, you have been invited to join Paprika and Oregano on their upcoming trip to Iceland – and perhaps the Arctic Circle too. Would you like to go?”

“Oh yes, very, very much! I’ve never been to Iceland before!”

A couple of days later, Reggie and I went to the local post office at the Howard Centre. After carefully writing Paprika’s address on the front and her own address on the back of the big soft bubble-wrap envelope, Reggie told me that I would be traveling by ‘small parcel post’ and ‘registered mail’.

“The postmaster reassured me that this is the safest way of sending you overseas,” she explained. “It should only take a week or two, before you arrive.”

She gave me a final hug and took one last photo of me, before I quickly slid inside the envelope.

Now, it is up to the South African Post Office to deliver me safely to my friends who are waiting for me in New Jersey!

I am traveling by ‘Registered Small Parcel Post’ – so exciting!

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