We fly to Amsterdam!

Saturday, 10 June 2017

We enjoy tea at Cape Town International Airport before we fly!

Did you figure out where we were going from the photo I posted a few days ago?

Well done! Yes, we are in The Netherlands!

On Friday night (yesterday), I flew into Schiphol Airport Amsterdam with my dear friends Richard and Reggie. We shared a cup of tea at Cape Town International Airport before embarking on our flight on the Dutch international airline, KLM.

A couple of colleagues from Richard’s office were on the same flight as us, which was lovely. I met a few of them. They are a cheerful bunch! They even posed with me for a photo!Our flight was pleasant.

I slept for most of the way, tucked safely into Richard’s rucksack.

There we are – at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

When we arrived at Amsterdam the next morning, I was overwhelmed by how HUGE this airport is. I was very glad that my friends were by my side, as I would have gotten lost on my own. There must be hundreds of planes arriving here every day, from all over the world.

Together with Richard’s colleagues from work, we figured out how to buy tickets for the train to Rotterdam. I must say it was a lot of fun to travel together like that.

It didn’t take long at all to reach Rotterdam on the Intercity Direct train, which was a very fast train. I was surprised by how quiet and smooth the ride was; there’s no vibration, no swaying back and forth, no noisy rattling of the wheels on the tracks.

My new friends from the SKA office in Cape Town – what a great bunch of people!

Oh, it is so green here!

We passed lush green fields with relaxed looking cows and grazing horses and clusters of houses with church steeples; in-between were vast greenhouses and a few industrial areas. Everything is flat… I learned that much of The Netherlands is at sea level, and even sometimes below sea level. An intricate system of windmills, canals and dykes has allowed the Dutch to reclaim land from the sea, and to make it fertile and habitable. I look forward to learning more about that.


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