I’m on my way again

15 October 2014

After a perfectly scrumptilicious breakfast, Rosemary and Basil took me down to their local post office today. I had butterflies in my tummy. I wasn’t looking forward to saying goodbye to my friends.

We are on our way to the post office
We are on our way to the post office

“We’ll need to find you a very strong envelope, Flat Kathy,” said Rosemary, as we walked into the post office. “We’ll need one that doesn’t bend… and it has to be just large enough so that you can fit snugly inside.”

We were in luck; they had just the right size envelope for me. I watched while Rosemary wrote out the address in her neat handwriting. The post lady said that it would take 5 to 10 days for me to reach my new host family in Chesterfield – “but it almost always takes only five days,” she added, with a friendly smile.

And then came the moment we had all been dreading. We  hugged each other one last time; Rosemary kissed me on the cheek, and Basil gave me an affectionate pat on the head.

“Thank you for staying with us,” said Rosemary, tearfully. “I think we had a lot of fun together, and we hope you’ll visit us again.”

“I hope so too,” I said, with a big lump in my throat.

“Now you be good,” Basil said, sternly wagging his finger at me, as he eased me gently into the envelope. When he was sure that Rosemary wasn’t looking, he winked at me, “But don’t ever lose that playful, mischievous spirit, my girl!”

I smiled happily, and settled in for a nice nap.

And – hopefully – in a couple of days, I will be arriving in the United Kingdom!

I am going to fly across the big blue Atlantic Ocean
I am going to fly across the big blue Atlantic Ocean


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