Re-routed to the UK

10 October 2014

Basil prepares bowls of muesli granola and fruit for the three of us
Basil lovingly prepares bowls of muesli granola and fruit for the three of us

“Flat Kathy, we have figured out a way for you to get back to Cape Town,” announced Rosemary at breakfast this morning.

She and Basil were busy in the kitchen, preparing our customary bowl of muesli and fruit. I love that, it’s such a healthy combination, and always leaves me feeling full of energy for the day.

“Oh, really?” I said, leaning in excitedly.

“Yes, I got an email last night from Reggie,” said Rosemary, as she poured some muesli granola into our three bowls. “You were already fast asleep, so I didn’t want to wake you up.”

“What did she say? What did she say?”

“Do you remember her friend Glynnis…?”

“Oh – yes, Glynnis is the photographer and writer for the Pinelands Muse!” I interjected. “She’s really lovely.”

“Well, Glynnis has a friend – Jo – who is flying over to the United Kingdom in a little while. And she will be staying with her daughter Jaqui and son-in-law Mike in Chesterfield for a couple of days – do you know where that is?”

Rosemary and I enjoy our breakfast
Rosemary and I enjoy our breakfast

“No, … um…,” I said, scrunching up my face with the effort of trying to remember where I’d heard of Chesterfield before. It sounded vaguely familiar. “Oh… hold on a sec… I think that’s near the Peak District National Park, which I visited with Reggie and Richard last year.”

“We can have a look at the map just now, if you like?” offered Basil, who was chopping up some bananas and apricots to go ontop of the muesli.

“Well, we’re going to send you to Mike and Jaqui, and Jo can pick you up from them. Perhaps you’ll get a chance to see a bit more of England… I don’t know exactly where Jo will be going, but I think she will be flying back to South Africa at the end of November.”

Now isn’t that wonderful news? If all goes well, I shall be back in Cape Town in time for Christmas!

While we munched our breakfast, Basil typed my new destination in Chesterfield into Google Maps. My friends are so clever with computers!

“You were right,” said Rosemary. “Look, Flat Kathy, Chesterfield lies just to the east of the Peak District National Park.”

“Yes!” I exclaimed. “And look – there, towards the west, is Alderley Edge, where I stayed with Reggie and Richard last year. We went for a walk in the enchanted wizard’s forest there… and for a drive around the National Park… oh, this brings back such happy memories.”

A map of where I will be going next
A map of where I will be going next – I have circled Manchester, and Alderley Edge, and Chesterfield for you

“I don’t think you’ve told us about your trip to the UK in 2013 yet,” said Rosemary. “I remember that you flew over to the UK with Paula and Morton, who are Reggie’s neighbours, and that the five of you met up somewhere… where was it?”

“It was in Salisbury, at the beautiful old cathedral,” I said. Oh, I felt quite emotional, remembering some of the wonderful places I had visited with the good friends I had met along the way. “I’ve been meaning to write about it for ages,” I explained, “But I just never got around to it. Perhaps Reggie will help me to put something together when I’m back in Cape Town. It was such a marvelous trip, that I just have to tell you all about it.”

My dear friends smiled fondly at me.

“Flat Kathy, you are such a lucky girl,” said Basil. “I really hope you’ll get to see even more of the world. With your adventurous spirit, you’re bound to make friends everywhere. We’re sure going to miss you.”


2 thoughts on “Re-routed to the UK

  1. Oh Flat Kathy – you will love Mike and Jaqui and Jo – they are full of fun and are sure to take a couple of pics of you visiting Chesterfield – I am looking forward to hearing about your adventure there and your trip home! Enjoy! Love Glynn xx


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