Curling up with Paprika & Oregano

08 October 2014

I curl up with my friends Paprika & Oregano, on Rosemary's favourite blanket
I curl up with my friends Paprika & Oregano, on Rosemary’s favourite blanket

One day, my friends Paprika and Oregano phoned us to hear how we were doing. They’d been looking at some of the blog posts we’d written about the time I spent with them in July and August. It was lovely to reminisce about the adventures we had together.

At first, I stayed with them at their home in New Jersey (remember the amazing balloon festival?), and then we packed our bags, got on the plane, and flew all the way to Anchorage, Alaska. We felt a bit jetlagged by all the travel across the various time zones.

We had such exciting adventures in Alaska: Paprika and Oregano went dog-sledding, we took a tram up Mount Alyeska, and we visited the Anchorage Museum. We drove around the Kenai Peninsula, and finally, after many delays, got our chance to see the glaciers from a ship in Prince William Sound.

We also spent a day in Denali National Park, before visiting the Alaska National Heritage Centre, where we learned all about the different tribes and cultures who live in this wild and desolate landscape.

I must say that I feel very fortunate to have met so many lovely people on my travels. After all, I wouldn’t be able to travel to all these interesting places on my own.

Rosemary could tell that I was in a bit of a happy-yet-melancholy mood, so she wrapped me up in her favourite blanket – it has pictures of Oregano and Paprika on it! – and made me a mug of hot chocolate. Ahh… I felt so loved.


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