We go shopping

30 August 2014

We go shopping - and Flat Kathy helps to push the trolley
We go shopping – and Flat Kathy helps to push the trolley

My hosts in Virginia, Rosemary and Basil, have really made me feel like I am part of their family. Today, we went shopping together. They even allowed me to help push the shopping trolley for them, while they bought some things for the house.

It seems that they only moved to Virginia fairly recently. They live in a lovely little street here, which is full of kids and dogs, and they often have street parties. That sounds like so much fun! I hope they will have a street party while I am here.

They got a beautiful new bedspread, and some pretty lamps for the living room. Basil had to put the lamps together, since they came disassembled in a box. He must be a good handyman.

We also went to a huge store called Home Depot. Rosemary and Basil were looking for a grill for their deck.

Here, I happened to learn that America is celebrating Labor Day this weekend. I didn’t quite understand what that was all about, so I asked my friends.

Basil explained that Labor Day is a public holiday that is celebrated on the first Monday in September (this year, it happens to fall on the 1st of September). He said that it was a yearly national tribute to to the social and economic achievements of workers and their contributions to the prosperity of the country.

I remember Reggie telling me that South Africa also has such a public holiday; they call it Workers’ Day, though, and it falls on the 1st of May. Isn’t it interesting, how countries around the world have similar traditions?

In celebration of Labor Day, Home Depot was cooking hotdogs for all their customers! Yum!!

The very friendly customer services lady – I could see on her apron that her name was Beckie – helped me to squeeze some mustard on mine, because it matched my complexion! I was surprised to see that Rosemary put both mustard and tomato ketchup on hers, because I have never tried that combination before. She gave me a little bite to taste – oh! delicious! I think that is what I will try next time too.

What a fun time we had!

After our trip to the shops, we settled down at home to watch the U.S. Open Tennis matches on the telly. It is riveting, let me tell you!

Flat Kathy has a delicious hotdog at Home Depot in celebration of Labor Day in the US
Flat Kathy has a delicious hotdog at Home Depot in celebration of Labor Day in the US

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