Whack! Smash! Sprint….!

26 August 2014

The US Open is showing on the television
The US Open is showing on the television

Like Reggie’s mom Karin, back in faraway Cape Town, my hosts in Virginia also seem to be big fans of tennis. My arrival coincided with the start of the U.S. Open Tennis Championships. Rosemary, Basil and I sat down to watch the first rounds of this huge tournament, to determine the best men and women tennis players in the world.

It was really exciting, seeing the players running all over the court. Rosemary patiently told me what all the shots are called – there’s the forehand, and the backhand, and the serve and the volley, and my favourite, the SMASH! It was nail-biting stuff to see the players running from left to right, and sprinting forwards to the net, and back again to the baseline, when the opponent sent a high ball overhead. Those players are so fit! They didn’t even look out of breath!

“There will be many tennis matches played for the next two weeks,” explained Rosemary. “All the final matches will be played on the weekend of the 5th to the 8th of September. That is going to be a very exciting weekend.”

“Look, here is the schedule of matches,” added Basil, helpfully showing me the programme. “On Friday 5 September will be the mixed doubles final, on Saturday 6 September will be the women’s doubles final, on Sunday 7 September will be the women’s single final, and the men’s doubles final, and then on Monday 8 September, the tournament ends with the men’s single finals.”

Oh, I do hope that I will be able to see those matches before it is time for me to leave Virginia.

Since the U.S. Open just started, there are a lot of games being played by all the players to see who will be eliminated. Next week the matches will become even more exciting, when we see who is still in the competition!

Look, there I am - watching the US Open Tennis Championships!
Look, there I am – watching the US Open Tennis Championships!

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