Hello, Virginia!

25 August 2014

I have arrived in Virginia!

As you know, my New Jersey family – Paprika and Oregano – had dropped me off at their local post office a few days ago. I was already missing them – and particularly playful little Otis and cuddly Linus. Although I was traveling in a comfortable, padded envelope, I was pleased that it was such a short trip to Oregano’s mom Rosemary, who lives in Virginia.

After the mailman had popped me inside Rosemary’s postbox, I only had to wait for a little while, before – ta-da! – she opened the box and peered inside.

“Hello there!” I waved at her, beaming brightly.

“Oh, hello Flat Kathy!” she exclaimed, helping me to climb out and giving me a delighted hug. “Welcome to Virginia!”

“Thank you for hosting me, Rosemary,” I said politely, remembering Reggie’s stern instructions to be friendly and polite at all times.

“You’re most welcome, Flat Kathy. Now come and meet Basil.”

We went inside their house. Basil looked very pleased to see me, as we shook hands firmly.

“We’re going out for lunch in a little while,” he said. “You can meet our daughter Laurel-Leaf. She heard all about you from Oregano.”

When we arrived at the Glory Days Grill for lunch, Rosemary introduced me to Oregano’s sister Laurel-Leaf; she is 20 months older than him. She greeted me very warmly. I must admit, it feels really good to be made welcome and treated like I am part of the family.

The Glory Days Grill has a very nice pub-like atmosphere. It also has TVs everywhere so people can watch sports or news events.  They have wonderful food and on Mondays, Rosemary told me, the hamburgers are half price.

We all got different burgers. Rosemary agreed to share hers with me; it had blue cheese grilled on top. We all had a good time!

Flat Kathy has lunch with Rosemary and Basil - and Oregano's sister Laurel-Leaf
Flat Kathy has lunch with Rosemary and Basil – and Oregano’s sister Laurel-Leaf

6 thoughts on “Hello, Virginia!

    1. “Thank you, Paprika. Rosemary and Basil have been most gracious hosts. And please give a big hug to Otis and Linus, whose company I miss,” replies Flat Kathy.


    1. She has definitely enjoyed her time with Basil and Rosemary, Kathy. And, by the way, our energetic friend is now on her way to the UK, to stay with another host family. She leads such an exciting life, I tell you…


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