I’m off to Virginia

23 August 2014

Relaxing in the courtyard before I leave for Virginia
Relaxing in the courtyard before I leave for Virginia

After our Alaskan adventure, we were all happy to return to sunny summer weather in New Jersey. Paprika and I spent a few days relaxing in the courtyard and garden, but we both knew that I would be leaving again soon.

“Flat Kathy, it’s time for you to continue with your travels. Oregano, Linus, Otis and I have all loved having you again this summer.”

“Did Reggie tell you where I’ll be going next?” I asked. “Before I left South Africa, Reggie hadn’t mentioned where I’d be going once we returned from Alaska.”

“Actually, you’re going to Virginia, which is south of New Jersey, but still on the east coast of the U.S. You’ll be going to stay with Oregano’s mom, Rosemary. She’s been following your adventures since last year and is very excited that you are coming to visit her.”

“Oh, this is thrilling!” I squealed. “I get to visit another state AND it won’t be such a long trip this time. Last year I traveled from New Jersey to Western Australia and that took a really loooooooong time.”

“Yes,” said Paprika, “we were all starting to wonder whether you had gone Missing In Action. It was such a relief when you finally reached your destination.”

Paprika helped me to prepare for my trip to Virginia. On my last day in New Jersey, I said goodbye to Oregano when he left for work. Otis let me share some space in his favorite chair. When I went to say goodbye to Linus, he was so relaxed, I didn’t want to disturb him, so I just whispered goodbye and patted his exposed belly. He purred softly.

Paprika took me to the post office and bought me a “priority” envelope – and it even says “Flat Rate”! That’s like traveling first class!

Paprika and I hugged goodbye and she invited me to come back and visit whenever I’d like. I’ll miss my New Jersey friends, but I’m excited to meet new friends and see new sights.


4 thoughts on “I’m off to Virginia

  1. First Class ! I do declare — aren’t you getting to be the fancy traveller F.K. !
    I’ve been meaning to ask: “Do you have a Passport?” . I’d love to see you get one with maps and perhaps a postage stamp from each place you have visited. Wouldn’t that be beyond cool !


    1. “I was supposed to carry a passport everywhere with me, Aunty Sybil,” says Flat Kathy, “and Reggie had even made one for me… but we were concerned that it would get lost along the way… But I like your idea of creating a map of all the places I have been so far. I will give that some thought.”


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