A new twist to jetlag

6 August 2014

As you know, I’m no stranger to jet lag.

Alaska is four hours behind the east coast of the U.S. where Paprika and Oregano live. I was expecting to have to do some adjusting to the time change. Paprika told me that during the summer, Alaska can have as much as 23 hours of daylight. The sky never really gets dark.

A very sleepy Flat Kathy, trying to catch some zzzz's
A very sleepy Flat Kathy, trying to catch some zzzz’s

Since it’s the beginning of August, they are down to just a bit more than 16 hours of daylight. Once the sun sets around 10:30 at night, the sky is still light for a few more hours. Paprika woke up at 3:30 in the morning and she said the sky wasn’t completely dark.

While it’s a great experience to have so many hours of daylight, it is a bit disorienting. My body just doesn’t know when it’s time to slow down and go to sleep. Paprika gave me a sleep mask so that I could go to sleep while it was still daylight.

She snuck into the room to take a picture of me sleeping with my mask on. You can see how bright it is and she took that picture at 9pm! It was quite cloudy that night so it would have been even brighter if not for the clouds.

I’m off to try to catch some z’s.

With love from a sleepy Flat Kathy.

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