Packed and ready!

5 August 2014

As you probably know, I am currently staying with my friend Paprika (who runs her very own blog over here) and her husband Oregano, and their two playful kitties, Linus and Otis. They live in New Jersey, which is in the Eastern United States.

A few days ago, just after I had arrived in their mailbox, nicely tucked into a comfortably padded airmail envelope, my friends told me about their upcoming trip to Alaska.

Oregano shows me how we will travel from New Jersey to Alaska
Oregano shows me how we will travel from New Jersey to Alaska

“Do you know where Alaska is, Flat Kathy?” asked Oregano, who is very studious and smart.

I help Paprika and Oregano to pack for their trip to Alaska
I help Paprika and Oregano to pack for their trip to Alaska

“Sort of,” I said. “Reggie had a big book at her place… lots and lots of maps of all the countries of the world. She showed me on the map where Alaska is, and I read a little bit about it.”

“Oh good,” said Paprika. “So you’re well-informed then? Can you be our tour-guide?”

“Erm…. ”

She laughed, playfully tapping my nose. “I am just teasing you,” she said. “But perhaps we can show you on the map, where we will be going.”

Oregano started by locating their home in New Jersey on Google Maps, and pointed at it with his finger, “Here we are at the moment, Flat Kathy.”

“From here, we’re going to fly to Seattle, Washington,” he explained. “It’s a six hour flight, right across the country. As you can see, Seattle is in the northwestern United States.”

“Once we get to Seattle, we will board another flight, to Anchorage, Alaska. It’s about 4 hours of flying time,” declared Paprika, as Oregano dragged the cursor across the screen, to show me our destination.

I gasped. “That is FAR!”

Young Otis feels a bit sleepy and takes a nap
Young Otis feels a bit sleepy and takes a nap

“It’s about 5,400 km as the crow flies,” said Oregano earnestly. “But did you know that you have just flown 12,565 km from Cape Town?”

“Wow…” I felt a little dizzy.

“Why don’t we have a cup of tea, hm?” suggested Paprika very kindly. “I think our guest may be a little jet-lagged, Oregano, so let’s not scare her with all these big numbers.”

I felt so much better after a cup or two of tea.

And I actually got very excited when my friends started to plan what they would need to take along for the big journey to the north. We trial-packed the various suitcases, to make sure that everything would fit in neatly.

Linus and Otis tried to help too, but the sight of all the soft jerseys and shirts and things must have made them feel a bit sleepy and snuggly.

Paprika would put an item into a suitcase, all nicely folded, and then go off to get the next item. In a flash, one of the cats would jump in and curl up on the things she had just put down. She’d have to pick up the cat to put in the next item of clothing, but as soon as she turned her back, Linus or Otis would climb right into the suitcase again.

Linus finds a comfortable spot from where he can supervise our activities
Linus finds a comfortable spot from where he can supervise our activities

We tried valiantly to shoo them off so that we could finish the packing, but they put on their adorable look and purred really loudly, and we just couldn’t chase them off.

Eventually, Paprika turned to me in despair. “Why don’t we just let them nap for a while, Flat Kathy. We can finish this later.”

Before long, the day of our departure was there!

Paprika helped me to write this post while we were waiting at our gate at their airport. We have already checked in, and a loooooong day of traveling is ahead of us.

I will write more later from Alaska!


6 thoughts on “Packed and ready!

  1. Dear F.K., I am so glad that someone else is helping you to write about your travels. I worried that poor Reggie was going to “burn out” from trying to keep up with your adventures ! So now, I say “hello” to Paprika and Oregano and wish them and you a wonderful trip. Look forward to seeing and hearing about your Alaskan adventures. Seems like such a long time since we went walking and exploring Nova Scotia with Lynne and Amy-Lynn.


    1. Flat Kathy replies: “Yes, I feel like *years* have passed since I left my beloved Nova Scotia. Paprika and Oregano have been most gracious hosts, and I am grateful that they are taking me along on their big adventure.”


    1. Yep, she sure is lucky. I’m really pleased that she has this opportunity to go to such an exotic place, and can’t wait to hear how she’s enjoying her adventure there.


    1. Yes, I’m pretty sure Linus and Otis would have *loved* to go along! I wonder what would have happened if they had hidden themselves away in the suitcases… what would the airport security scanners have found? Lol!


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