A long break – and a heartfelt thank you

30 July 2014

My dear friends, I must apologise yet again for the long break on my blog. I had such high hopes of keeping all of you up-to-date with my travels around the world, but it has not been as easy as I had thought.

One doesn’t just need access to a camera, a computer and the internet, which in some cases has been vexingly difficult. But – even more importantly – one needs a good secretary to type up and publish all one’s posts without delay. And this is where things have disintegrated a bit.

I am currently in New Jersey, with my dear friends Paprika and Oregano, and their cats Linus and Otis (Sam having sadly passed away quite recently), and getting ready to join them on what will no doubt be a thrilling adventure in the Wilds of Alaska!!!

Reggie has assured me that she will endeavour to clear some of the backlog on my blog, so do not be perturbed if a flurry of posts arrives in your inbox in the coming days, with dates going back in time. It will all make sense in the end. I hope.

Just to remind you of my itinerary in the last year:

Flat Kathy reading up on her next exotic destination - the Wilds of Alaska!
Flat Kathy reading up on her next exotic destination – the Wilds of Alaska!
  • September – October 2013: I briefly touched down in West Australia, and then flew to the Seychelles with Gudrun and her family; one of her daughters took me with her to Germany afterwards;
  • January 2014 – I spent a bit of time with Reggie’s cousin Robert and his wife Manuela in Germany; we had met in Swakopmund in 2013, and they had kindly invited me for a visit;
  • February – March 2014: I flew over to Denmark, where I stayed with a blogfriend Birgitte;
  • April – July 2014: Then it was back to South Africa, to stay with Reggie & Richard; in April/May, we travelled up to Namibia; and the highlight of July was a weekend in Sutherland, the coldest place in South Africa…. Brrrr!
  • July – August 2014: I arrived in New Jersey in the eastern US a couple of days ago, and am getting ready for a trip to Alaska with Paprika and Oregano.

So, as you can see, life has been good to me! And I have so many stories to tell and experiences to share with you all.

For now, I would like to thank all my friends and supporters around the world for their continued loyalty and friendliness, and their willingness to open their homes and hearts to me. It is your playful spirit and sense of joy and fun that is making this entire project possible. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “A long break – and a heartfelt thank you

    1. “I’m also very happy to be back with you!” says Flat Kathy. “Thank you for taking me along on your big Alaskan Adventure, Paprika.”


    1. Hello Bonnie – gosh, yes, Flat Kathy really is very fortunate. I think her natural warmth and friendliness, and acceptance of whatever cards life deals her, probably has something to do with it. She is a very positive influence, and seems to bring out the playful joyous child in each of us.

      I wonder where she will go when she comes back from Alaska? I really hope she’ll receive some more invitations to interesting places.


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