Enjoying a life of leisure at a luxury game lodge

27 April 2014

I spend most of my time at the lodge just relaxing in one of the comfy camping chairs, with something cool to drink
I spend most of my time at the lodge just relaxing in one of the comfy camping chairs, with something cool to drink

For days, my friends had been talking about our upcoming weekend at a luxury game lodge in the bushveld. Much to my delight, Edward and I were going to go along.

Finally, the day came.

We packed everything into the 4×4 vehicle of Sister Tanya’s friend K, and headed east along a big road. We passed the turn-off to the international airport. We drove for quite some time. Outside a very small town with the funny name of “Seeis” – my friends also didn’t know why it was called that – we turned onto a gravel road. Bumpity-bumpity, we went… further and further into the bush.

“You’re going to love it there, Flat Kathy,” said Sister Tanya. “You and Edward T Bear can put your feet up and relax, and there’s a health spa where we can get a massage, and Reggie can go for walks in the veld with Richard and take all the photographs that she wants.”

“She’ll love that!” I exclaimed, and we grinned at Reggie, who was – predictably – trying to focus her camera on the landscape outside the window.

She glanced over at us, and grinned, “Yes, I’m planning to take lots of photos. I hope we’ll see some animals on a game drive.” (And she did – you can see all her photos here).

We finally reached our destination: the beautiful Onjala Lodge, some 80 km east of Windhoek. We stayed in a couple of rustic bungalows with thatched roofs.

Just for fun, I perch myself among the branches of a tree
Just for fun, I perch myself among the branches of a tree

While our friends went for long walks in the veld, and on an early-evening game drive, Edward T Bear and I made ourselves comfortable on the verandah of one of the bungalows, with a cool drink by our side.

It was heavenly.

We spent most of our time there just relaxing and talking, and reading one of the books about Namibia that Reggie had brought along. It was really peaceful at the lodge, and the view from our verandah was marvelous.

Little lizards with bright yellow heads scurried up and down the walls, and sunned themselves on the warm stones. A pair of swallows was swooping and diving around us; they were catching insects to feed to their little ones in the nest, underneath the eaves. Strange-looking locusts and fat grasshoppers came hopping by to investigate us.

We enjoyed our meals with our friends in the restaurant, and watched the birds feeding at the special bird restaurant right outside. As the sun set and the sparkling stars appeared in the vast Namiian sky, we had long conversations about life and everything.

What an unforgettable, restful experience it had been.

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4 thoughts on “Enjoying a life of leisure at a luxury game lodge

  1. 27th of April ! Dear F.K. we hear nothing from you for months and then you fill our in-boxes. How will I keep up with your adventures ! That said, I wish I was there with you having such marvellous times with Reggie.


    1. It is my turn to apologise for that, Sybil. I’m trying to keep the chronology correct, but it’s probably confusing all our followers at the moment. :-{


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