Gnomes looking for homes

22 April 2014

“Now that we have a new patio at home,” remarked Reggie at breakfast this morning, “we want to give our garden a bit of a make-over. And I want to offer a new home to a couple of gnomes.”

“I know just the place,” said Tanya. “We can go to Wilde Eend – or Wild Duck – nursery, which is nearby.”

When we reached the nursery, Tanya led us straight to a cluster of gnomes. They all looked very friendly.

“We’re looking for two gnomes, to come home with us to Cape Town,” Reggie explained to them. “Would any of you like to live with us?”

The gnomes beamed at her, and chorused, “We’d all like to come live with you!”

Reggie laughed, and glanced at Richard. “How about it? Can we take all of them?”

Richard looked horrified. “No way!” he exclaimed. “We can only take two. TWO!”

“Alright, then,” said Reggie. “We’ll take this one with the lamp, and the one with the red jacket.”

“I’m Sebastian,” stated the one with the lamp. “And I’m Larry,” declared the one with the red jacket.

“Right, okay then, would you guys mind if we take a group photo with Flat Kathy and Edward T Bear?”

“Not at all,” chorused the gnomes. “We’d love a group photo, to help Sebastian and Larry remember us. Perhaps you’ll come back some day and fetch the rest of us?”

“I would love to do just that,” said Reggie, sorrowfully. “But I don’t know when we’re coming back. You’re all such handsome gnomes, though, that I’m sure you’ll find good homes very soon.”

Sebastian and Larry hugged all the other gnomes in turn, and said their goodbyes. And as we drove back to Aunty Lissi’s place, I chatted with Sebastian and Larry, and told them all about my good friend, Gilbert the Gnome, and how welcoming and kind he was.

Gnomes looking for homes
Gnomes looking for good homes: A family photo with Sebastian and Larry, Flat Kathy and Edward T Bear.

6 thoughts on “Gnomes looking for homes

  1. Such a shame you had to break up the family, but I am sure the others will find nice homes. Welcome to Sebastian and Larry. They will fit in just right in your garden.


    1. Oh yes! You definitely are! Gnomes are wonderful beings. They bring such joy to a garden. And of course, they put in a lot of hard work behind the scenes too; they’re quite subtle about it, though (some would even say secretive), and you probably won’t even know why things are growing so well. It is said that they do most of their work at night, when us humans are asleep, which may explain why I’ve never seen mine moving about on their own.

      Sebastian and Larry, our new gnomes from Windhoek, haven’t been outside in the garden yet; the weather’s been very miserable, and our garden’s in such a mess. Not even Flat Kathy has wanted to venture outside; she’s been hogging the oil heater with Miss Tuffy-Cat and yours truly.

      As soon as the weather improves a bit, I’m going to call a gnome meeting, to discuss what needs to be done. Mind you, you can’t order them about either… it’s more a case of explaining the facts, asking nicely, and appealing to their strong Germanic roots and their “let’s get this mess sorted out properly” mentality. They’re very independent, and like to feel like their decisions are important and valued.

      No garden is complete without a gnome – or two, or three… But then, I do have German roots, so I guess I’m a bit biased. 😉


      1. Ok, you’ve convinced me. I will start looking today. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick one up for a gnominal cost 😉

        Good luck with staying warm together. Just don’t let Flat Kathy get too cozy next to Richard. We’re finally getting warm weather here after such a cold, cruel winter. Our summer is so short, but what we do have is usually just wonderful.


        1. “A gnominal cost!” LOL!

          And I am relieved your long winter finally came to an end. May you have a long and gloriously beautiful summer to make up for it!

          I keep forgetting that Flat Kathy has a *history* with you and Wayne. Sigh… Her behaviour has really improved, you know. She’s not nearly as flirtatious as she used to be. Miss T-C has been feeling very miz lately, and in need of TLC, and Flat Kathy’s been an absolute darling, just being by her side, singing to her, keeping her company, telling her about her travels… it’s quite sweet.


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