Breakfast – my favourite meal of the day

19 April 2014

I’ve always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And it just happens to be my favourite meal of the day. Even more so, when it can be enjoyed with family and dear friends.

Every morning, Edward T Bear and I shared a grapefruit.

“It’s full of Vitamin C,” said Aunty Lissi, “so eat up.”

Edward insisted that he wanted to eat his half without assistance, and dug his spoon into the fruit with gusto. But he quickly learned that grapefruits are temperamental. We couldn’t help giggling when yet another squirt of juice hit him straight between the eyes.

“Oy!” he cried, wiping the juice off his face. “It’s fighting back!”

My friends weren’t faring much better.

“I’m going to need another shower when I’m done,” complained Reggie. “My grapefruit definitely doesn’t want to be eaten – eeekk!!” She wiped a few drops off her right cheek. “Flat Kathy, I think I’d better help you, as I don’t want you to get this sticky juice all over your face.”

“Hmm,” I said, as she fed me a spoon of the bitter-sweet flesh of a red grapefruit. “An unusual flavour, but I like it!”

We do battle with a grapefruit
Edward T Bear and I do battle with a delicious red grapefruit

19 April 2014

On our first morning in Windhoek, Reggie asked if I wanted to join them for breakfast at the Maerua Superspar. “Do you remember we went there last year too, Flat Kathy?” she asked. “We had Appletiser and crispy German Broetchen, and you found that shelf with all the Lindt chocolate…”

“Oh yes!” I exclaimed. “Of course I remember that.”

When we arrived at the little coffee shop ‘Bean There’ inside the Maerua Superspar, Sister Tanya was waiting eagerly for us to arrive. She had found a table for the five of us, which was quite some feat, because the coffee shop is always very busy.

“I am going to order a Broetchen,” announced Richard.

“Me too,” chimed in Reggie. “We’ve sooo been looking forward to having some properly crispy German Broetchen. You don’t get them in Cape Town. The ones you do get down there are usually chewy and stodgy – definitely not as crispy and light as the ones you find in Windhoek and in Swakopmund.”

When the Broetchen arrived, we all tucked in heartily. Reggie gave me some of her Broetchen with hard-boiled egg, and Richard allowed me to take a bite of his cheese and tomato Broetchen. Ohh! Such a taste sensation!

On our first morning in Windhoek, we have breakfast at the Maerua Super Spar
On our first morning in Windhoek, we have breakfast at the Maerua Super Spar – Reggie and Sister Tanya are in a cheeky mood!

22 April 2014

A few days later, we bought some fresh crispy Broetchen at the Superspar, but, instead of returning home, we drove out to Sister Tanya’s home on the other side of Windhoek. She and her friend Kurt stay in the most wonderful house with a big garden, a playful cat called Tinka, and a couple of gnomes.

We made ourselves comfortable on their verandah, which has a lovely view of their pool. Sister Tanya brought out a selection of spreads – honey, jam, marmite – and cheese, and cold meats, and we all had cups of freshly brewed coffee and tea.

Ahh, heavenly.

I love breakfasts!

Me and my friend Richard enjoy breakfast at Sister Tanya's home
Me and my friend Richard enjoy breakfast at Sister Tanya’s home


One thought on “Breakfast – my favourite meal of the day

  1. Wonderful times you are having F.K. And it looks so lovely and warm there. Ahhh Marmite. Never developed a taste for the stuff. Do you like it F.K. ? Does Reggie ?


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