Hunting for Easter eggs

20 April 2014

“The Easter Bunny was here this morning,” announced Aunty Lissi. “I happened to see something running around the garden when I was making breakfast earlier. At first I thought it was Tiger, but it was white-and-tan in colour, whereas Tiger is dark-grey-and-black.”

“So it must have been the Easter Bunny?!” I cried. “Oh, how I love this time of year!”

When I visited my friends in Cape Town last year, we hunted for chocolate Easter eggs with Little N and the terrible twins, Thabo and Bheki, and when we came to Windhoek, the Easter Bunny hid some chocolate bunnies and marshmallow eggs all over Aunty Lissi’s garden. I couldn’t believe my luck that I was here again at just the right time of year.

“Do you want to see if it left any chocolate bunnies or eggs hidden in the garden for you?” asked Aunty Lissi. “Reggie and Richard, and Tanya and Kurt can help you look.”

It was such fun to dash hither and thither, peering underneath upturned flower pots, looking inside bushes, peering between the palm fronds, reaching up tall tree trunks, even lifting up baby tortoises who had fallen asleep on a chocolate egg or two.

The Easter Bunny had been very generous indeed.

I wonder where I will be around Easter next year?

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