Tiger on the prowl

19 April 2014

A Tiger comes to say hello
Mr Tiger comes to say hello

I was watching the baby tortoises munching a couple of leaves of lettuce, when I heard a rumbling sound right next to my head, “Rrrrmmmmm-rrrrmmmmm-rrrrmmmm.”

I toppled over in fright.

I looked up to find a furry face right close to mine.

Mr Tiger!” I exclaimed. It was Aunty Lissi’s cat, whom I had met last year.

“Hello there, Miss Flat Kathy,” he said, in his deep, sensuous voice. “What a lovely surprise to see you here again. I trust you didn’t bring the Terrible Twins this time?”

“No, no,” I stammered, as Reggie stood me upright against the palm tree once more. I don’t know why, but Mr Tiger always makes me feel like I should mind my p’s and q’s.

“Pulled my tail, they did,” Mr Tiger growled. “I had to teach them some manners.”

“Yes,” I said, apologetically, “I know… they were a bit of a handful. We left them in Cape Town.”

“Oh good,” he said, giving me a little peck on the cheek, before trotting off. “Welcome to my domain then. I’m off to hunt a field mouse.”

Mr Tiger and I have a little Talk
Mr Tiger and I have A Little Talk

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