Edward T Bear returns from Lost Luggage Land

10 April 2014

The lost suitcase has arrived
The lost suitcase has arrived

When I arrived in Cape Town, it was in the middle of some drama involving lost luggage.

Richard had just returned from a trip to the exotic sounding country of Chile in South America, but his suitcase hadn’t come home with him. Reggie was particularly distressed, because Edward T Bear was inside the suitcase. (This is what she wrote about it.)

“Who is Edward T Bear?” I asked her, baffled. “And why was he in the suitcase?”

“Well, you see, Flat Kathy, we were expecting you to arrive before Richard flew to Chile,” Reggie explained, “because we wanted you to fly over with him. But the airmail was a bit slow, and Richard had to leave without you. While we were packing his suitcase, Edward T Bear, who was sitting on a shelf and watching us pack, whispered to me that he had never been overseas, and would be delighted to go along in your stead.”

“That was jolly thoughtful of him,” I said. “And very brave.”

Look! There is Edward T Bear!
Look! There is Edward T Bear!

“It was,” nodded Reggie. “While Richard was over there, he experienced a couple of earthquakes!”

“Ohh!” I exclaimed. “I would have been terrified out of my wits! Perhaps it’s just as well I didn’t go along.”

“Well, I suspected that Richard might not have wanted to travel with a teddy bear,” admitted Reggie, “no matter how little or cute looking it was. So Edward T Bear snuck into his suitcase, while Richard wasn’t looking….”


“When Richard arrived in Santiago, he immediately found the little stowaway, and phoned me from there,” continued Reggie. “He was most gracious about it, and even took two photos of Edward T Bear when he went exploring in the city. On the flight home a week later, he left Edward in his suitcase, and instructed him to make sure that his luggage safely returned to Cape Town. And now there’s a chance that we might never see him again, if they don’t locate his lost luggage!”

“Ohh!” I gasped.

Well, my friends, I am sooo relieved to report that Edward T Bear Is Home Again!

And he had sooo many stories to tell! He told me all about the earthquakes and his exploration of Santiago, and the trip to the ALMA radio telescope in the high Atacama desert… It sounded so exotic, that I rather wished I had been able to go along after all.

Edward tells me all about his trip to Chile
Edward tells me all about his trip to Chile

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