Home-baked bread

09 April 2014

Today, I helped Reggie to bake a fresh loaf of wholewheat bread.

Oh, there are few things nicer in life than a slice of home-baked bread, fresh out of the oven and still warm enough so that the butter can melt into it.


We bake a loaf of bread
We bake a loaf of bread

2 thoughts on “Home-baked bread

  1. Delicious indeed! I had some sourdough bread this morning which Wayne baked. He’s managed to perfect his recipe. We read that sourdough is supposed to be easier to digest than regular bread due to the long fermentation process.

    It’s too bad he wasn’t into making bread when you were visiting Flat Kathy. I guess he was busy with other things at the time!


    1. “The sourdough bread sounds delicious, Amy,” says Flat Kathy.

      P.S. Amy, I just saw Flat Kathy blushing when she read your comment. I think she remembers all too well what a distraction she was to Wayne. :-}


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