Quality control

08 April 2014

I do some quality control on the grouting
I do some quality control on the grouting

I had been given instructions to keep an eye on the workers, who are creating a new patio and courtyard for my friends in Cape Town, and so I did.

Despite the baking heat, the team put in long hours of work to finish the grouting between the tiles.

I must confess that I was a bit perturbed at the tiles looking so grey and colourless.

“Reggie, why did you choose such grey tiles?” I asked my friend when she came out with a tray of glasses filled to the brim with refreshingly cold coca cola and ice-cubes – just the thing in this heat.

The tilers are hard at work
The tilers are hard at work

“The tiles aren’t really grey, Flat Kathy,” she explained. “There’s just a film of grouting and cement dust on them. They still need to clean them properly, but they’ll only be able to do that when the grouting between the tiles has hardened in a day or two.”

“Ahh,” I nodded sagely. It sure is interesting to be here during these building operations.

2 thoughts on “Quality control

  1. Gosh F.K. sure can be a bit … well … undiplomatic. And she keeps free-loading at your house. The least she could do would be to let them use her stick to help with the grouting.


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