At the post office

08 April 2014

On the 20th of March this year, I said goodbye to my friend Birgitte from Denmark, with whom I had been staying for a couple of weeks.

I was sad to go, as I’d been looking forward to doing a whole lot of interesting things with her. But I was also very excited at the news that I would be seeing Reggie and Richard – and Miss Tuffy-Cat, and Gilbert the Gnome, and even the Terrible Twins – again.

I have arrived at Postnet in Pinelands - thank you, friendly Postnet Man!
I have arrived at Postnet in Pinelands – thank you, friendly Postnet Man!

“Let me know when you reach Cape Town, okay? The post office said it will only take a couple of days,” said Birgitte, tearfully giving me a final hug, before slipping me into the padded envelope. “And remember to give Reggie the present!”

Some three weeks later – not ‘a couple of days’ – I finally reached Cape Town.

I knew that I was almost home when I heard a familiar voice, muffled by the padding in the envelope.

“Reggie!” I cried. “I’m here!”

“I’ve been waiting and waiting for a big letter to arrive from Denmark,” I heard Reggie say, crossly. “Please tell me it’s arrived, and that the post office hasn’t lost it?!”

“I hope not… when was it sent?” I heard a man asking, apologetically.

“On the 20th of March,” replied Reggie. “It really should be here already. Please have a look.”

“I’m in here! I’m in here!” I called.

“Oh, look, there it is,” said the man, and I felt myself being picked up and carried over to a counter. “This must be it?”

“YES!! It is!” exclaimed Reggie, ecstatically. “Do you know WHO is in this envelope?!”

Oh, it is lovely to be in sunny South Africa again
Oh, it is lovely to be in sunny South Africa again

“Er… no?” the man said, startled by this unexpected turn of events. “Who is in there?”

“FLAT KATHY!” announced Reggie, with a dramatic flourish. “Here, hand over, I’ll show you.”

She began to tear open the envelope, and moments later, I saw Reggie beaming at me, with the biggest smile ever. I smiled brightly back at her. Ohh, it felt so good to be with my family again.

“This is Flat Kathy,” she said, proudly, and held me upright so that I could meet the Postnet Man. She explained where I came from, and that it was my aim in life to travel all over the world, making friends and getting to know about different cultures and different people in all the countries of the world.

“Oh, hello Flat Kathy,” he said, very politely. “Pleased to meet you.”

“I am so glad to be home,” I told him. “Everyone here is so nice.”

And then we walked out into the bright South African sunshine.

4 thoughts on “At the post office

  1. How fun to read another post from Flat Kathy!! Glad she is home safe and sound once again! I am Oregano’s Mom and maybe she can visit me one day!! xoxox


  2. F.K. really shouldn’t shout so much when she’s in that envelope. She needs to conserve the limited oxygen. Glad she’s back “home” …


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