Some updates on Flat Kathy’s blog

If you’re a subscriber of Flat Kathy’s blog, you may have noticed a flurry of posts yesterday and today.

OK, let’s call it an avalanche.

There is no need to panic. I won’t be flooding your inbox like that every day.

It is simply because our sunshine-yellow friend leads such an exciting and varied life. As a result, I have had quite a backlog of almost-complete and not-quite-ready-to-be-published posts and not-even-written-yet posts. (You may have figured out that Flat Kathy doesn’t actually write all these posts herself, even though she likes to think she does.)

For instance, although I have now finally completed the write-up of her voyages in England with Paula and Morton in May and June this year, I have yet to tackle the write-up of her thrilling adventures with hubby and me in England, Wales and Scotland in June. And, of course, there is her most recent journey to the exotic islands of the Seychelles with Gudrun and her family, which I look forward to sharing with you all soon-soon.

Further housekeeping was also required on Flat Kathy’s blog:

  • You will now find a revamped menu at the top. Under ‘My Travels‘ (you can click on that to read her updated Travel Plans), you will find links to pages listing all the posts about her adventures in South Africa, Namibia, England, and the United States.
  • I have updated the Contact Me form.
  • On the right-hand margin, there is now a new custom menu for ‘My Destinations’, where you will find links to the various categories. By clicking on London, for example, all the posts related to London will magically appear.
  • Also on the right-hand margin, there is now a new widget for ‘My Monthly Archives‘, through which you can access all the posts written in a particular month. Although I liked the look of the previous ‘Calendar’ widget, I found it cumbersome to navigate.

So, if you have somehow missed all the posts about a particular place she visited, you can use those links.

Happy Browsing!

8 thoughts on “Some updates on Flat Kathy’s blog

    1. Yes, our mutual yellow friend seems to lead a very busy and exciting life.
      The lucky girl is currently getting to know a bit more about Germany, its history, cultures and traditions.


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