MIA no longer: Flat Kathy has re-surfaced!

11 September 2013

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve probably noticed that our cheerful yellow friend has been missing in action (or MIA) for a while. Nary a peep has been heard from her since she gave a final goodbye hug to Paprika and Oregano on 19 August 2013, and took to the skies above New Jersey, outward bound across the vast Pacific Ocean to the Land of the songlines, spinifex and kangaroo, aka Australia.

As the days turned to weeks, some of us were starting to get a bit worried. It is a very long trip, particularly for a not-yet-seasoned traveller like Flat Kathy. Yes, yes, I realise that she has already visited a fair number of countries (South Africa, Namibia, England, Scotland, and Wales), but still…

Meanwhile, down in Karratha, Western Australia, Gudrun and her husband were busy packing their suitcases for a long visit to the romantic island archipelago of the Seychelles, northeast of the large island of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean. Gudrun was eagerly looking forward to Flat Kathy’s imminent arrival, and making a mental list of all the places in and around Karratha that she might still be able to show her before the Day of the Big Flight.

Screenshot from Google Maps showing how faaaar Flat Kathy had to travel!
Screenshot from Google Maps showing how faaaar Flat Kathy had to travel!

However, as the days passed, with the local postie repeatedly driving past her house without delivering the expected package, Gudrun was beginning to wonder what could have happened:

Had the postie accidentally popped the package in the wrong postbox? Had someone in one of the sorting offices somewhere between the US and Australia misread ‘Australia’ as ‘Austria’, and sent her hurtling northeast towards Europe instead of southwest? Or had she accidentally been put on a ship, instead of on a plane? Or had a customs official waylaid our gal because she didn’t have the requisite travel documentation?

As the Day of the Big Flight approached, emails between Gudrun, Paprika and myself began to fly back and forth with increasing frequency – hampered by the substantial time zone differences (Western Australia is GMT +8, South Africa is GMT +2 and New Jersey is GMT -4) between our respective countries. I realised that I would urgently have to come up with a Plan B, in case Flat Kathy missed the flight, and had to be re-routed somewhere else, preferably not too far away.

The tension was mounting to fever pitch, as they say.

This morning, my first thought on opening my eyes, was “Switch on the computer! Check your email!”

The Day of the Big Flight had arrived!

I exclaimed with joy, when I saw Gudrun’s email pinging into my inbox: Flat Kathy had made a dramatic entrance, almost literally at the last minute! She hadn’t come in the normal post, but was delivered, in person, by the parcel postie herself!

I don’t know whether Gudrun will be able to send any updates or photos during their time in the Seychelles, but, for now, I am just so relieved that our intrepid adventurer is safe!

And because a Flat Kathy Post is not complete without a photo, here is one of the final photos we took of her in Cape Town.

On Flat Kathy's last evening in Cape Town, she joined us on our evening walk around the neighbourhood and down to the sportsfield, with its view of Devil's Peak
On Flat Kathy’s last evening in Cape Town, she joined us on our evening walk around the neighbourhood and down to the sportsfield, with its view of Devil’s Peak

14 thoughts on “MIA no longer: Flat Kathy has re-surfaced!

  1. That F.K. knows how to make a dramatic entrance. I am very ignorant about the Seychelles and look forward to rectifying that situation thanks to you, Gudrun and F.K.


    1. She sure does, Sybil! You can probably imagine how tense we’ve been, waiting for good news from Karratha. But knowing Flat Kathy as we do, I’m sure she came bouncing out of that parcel with a big smile on her face, her colourful plaits flying in the wind, and shouting “Surpriiiiise! I’m heeeere!”

      I too know zilch about the Seychelles, and am also looking forward to learning lots about the country from the pair of them.


  2. Following Flat Kathy has been the most fun I’ve had in ages!! Absolutely adorable idea! And I got to meet her in person at Paprika and Oregano’s house!!


    1. I am sooo pleased that you’re enjoying Flat Kathy’s adventures too, Rosemary. I think she’s already becoming a little bit famous. 😉

      P.S. Perhaps one of these days she’ll visit *you* for a week or two, and you can introduce her proudly to all your friends. As you probably noticed, our gal ain’t shy; she loves meeting new folks.


  3. Reggie, Paprika and I are so happy the Flat Kathy made it in time! It would have been tragic to miss a trip to the Seychelles! Paprika was so excited when she received your email that she called me at 7:30 in the morning to tell me what happened. So glad everything worked out.


    1. I can just imagine the excitement in your household! 😀

      Thank you, dear Oregano. The two of you were exemplary hosts and travel guides to Flat Kathy. I know the last days have been very tense for both of you, as we were all waiting and hoping that she’d make it in time.


    2. Dear Oregano – I noticed that you have now become a fully fledged subscriber to Flat Kathy’s blog in your own right – and that you have the funniest Gravatar description. May you achieve Hall of Fame status many times!


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