South Dakota is flat like me!

11 August 2013

Hello dear friends and readers,

I have made it to South Dakota!

Once we had landed in Colorado after our flight from Newark Airport, it was very kind of Paprika and Oregano to do all the driving so that I could enjoy the marvelous scenery in Colorado and Wyoming along the way. You’ll never believe it, but most of the landscape was flat, just like me. I felt right at home. There was the occasional hill or rock formation, but other than that the land was flat. There seemed to be so much sky everywhere. I felt like I could see for miles in every direction.

While we were driving in Wyoming, we encountered some thunderstorms and rain. The bolts of lightning shooting out of the clouds were amazing to see. Thankfully, they were off in the distance and provided us with a lovely light show and not a terrifying travel experience.

“Flat Kathy, why don’t we take a picture of you by the sign for Wyoming?” Paprika suggested.

Oregano and I pose at the WY border - luckily it's not too wet at the moment
Welcome to Wyoming! Oregano and I pose at the WY border – luckily it’s not too wet at the moment

“But, Paprika, it’s raining. I don’t like to be out in the rain,” I reminded her about the rainy day we had in New Jersey when I had to borrow her hat to keep dry. It was a pretty pink hat, and I rather wish we’d remembered to bring it, as I thought it looked rather fetching.

“Don’t worry, Flat Kathy, I packed a rain coat for you to keep you dry. I had a feeling there might be some rain on the trip.”

“Thanks! That was good thinking, Paprika. Well, in that case, I’m ready to pose for the camera!”

The rain coat Paprika packed for me wasn’t exactly the style I would have chosen for myself (the pink hat was definitely prettier), but it certainly did keep me dry and that was the important part.

That sure is an ominous sky at the  border between South Dakota and Wyoming
That sure is an ominous sky at the border between South Dakota and Wyoming

After a few more hours of driving, the Black Hills of South Dakota began to rise out of the plains.

“Wow! Those really do look black,” I exclaimed.

“All of the pine trees covering the hills make them look black from a distance. That is why the Native Americans began calling them by that name,” Paprika explained.

“Can we take a picture of the Black Hills?” I asked.

“I’m afraid not, Flat Kathy. It’s hailing and the rain coat you have won’t keep you safe from that. We’ll try to get a picture when we leave in a few days. While we’re here, we have some fun adventures planned,” Paprika said, but she wouldn’t give me more details because she wants me to be surprised.

I do LOVE surprises!

Yours in flatness and love,

Flat Kathy

My friend Paprika and I are in South Dakota - on the sign behind us you can see a picture of famous Mount Rushmore
My friend Paprika and I are in South Dakota – on the sign behind us is a picture of famous Mount Rushmore. As you can see, South Dakota is FLAT like me!

5 thoughts on “South Dakota is flat like me!

  1. Oh F.K. South Dakota looks lovely. I love that BIG SKY. Make sure you get outside at night to look at the stars.

    Can’t wait to see what your surprise is.

    Glad Paprika had a coat for you. Don’t forget that rain is your Kryptonite !


  2. To think you’re in South Dakota! I would have never, ever, ever thought this would happen. See what Sybil & her Gang started in motion all those months ago. I think Paprika looks like a very interesting hostess.


    1. Yes, isn’t it simply marvellous? When I was first sent banished to Africa in January this year – gosh! was it only this January?!, I never have imagined that I’d see so much of the world in six months!

      Paprika and Oregano are a fantastic host family, Kathy – we have a lot of fun with each other. Have you read her blog ( I’ve been borrowing Paprika’s laptop at night, and reading her blogposts out loud to their cats Sam and Linus. Sometimes it’s sooo funny that we just can’t help ourselves laughing out loud.


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