Living the life of leisure

1 August 2013

My dear friends in South Africa and around the world:

I’ve been having such a good time that I’ve been a tad negligent about updating my blog – my apologies for that.

We’ve had a week of beautiful summer weather over here in the lovely town of Branchburg, New Jersey. Paprika tells me that it is usually very hot and humid at this time of year, but this week has been anything but that. We took advantage of the sunny days and spent time chatting and getting to know each other while relaxing in her garden.

Paprika is a big fan of what she calls “garden whimsy”. She has all sorts of fun things tucked in amongst her plants and flowers, so I’ve been exploring a bit. All this time in the garden makes me miss my dear friend Gilbert the Gnome, who kept me such good company in Reggie’s garden (you can see a picture of us here). But fortunately, I’ve made a new friend (although – if Gilbert is reading this blogpost too – you, my dear, will always be first in my heart.)

My new friend in Paprika’s garden doesn’t talk much, but he sure does love to ask questions. Well, really it’s just one question he keeps asking over and over again. Given his limited conversational skills, I do most of the talking. Thank goodness he’s such a wonderful listener. It’s odd though. Gilbert had a name, but Paprika says this little fellow with the wild and crazy hair hasn’t got one. Don’t you think it’s ironic that a fellow who always asks, “who?” hasn’t got a name for himself?

He's no Gilbert the Gnome, but he is nice to talk to - but I think he still needs a name!
He’s no Gilbert the Gnome, but he is nice to talk to – though I think he still needs a name!

I think we should come up with a name for him, don’t you? Perhaps you could leave your suggestions in the comments?

One night, when Paprika went inside to prepare dinner, I stayed outside. That’s when I got the idea to be a bit mischievous. Before she came back, I snuck off and hid in the garden. Paprika found me quickly, but before I realized she was on to my antics, she had a bit of fun herself and snapped a picture of me. I guess being bright yellow is not great camouflage when hiding among the green ferns and hostas.

I thought I did a better job of hiding among the plants... next time, I'll have to find some YELLOW flowers for superior camouflage
I thought I did a better job of hiding among the plants… next time, I’ll have to find some YELLOW flowers for superior camouflage

Sam and Linus were curious about me and kept sniffing my hair. I think it’s strange, but maybe they just like the scent of my shampoo. Or, maybe it’s just a customary greeting in New Jersey, although I’ve mever seen Paprika sniffing anyone’s hair. Perhaps it is just a cat thing.  Napping is one of their favorite activities and after being here only a few days, they paid me a high compliment by asking me to have a bit of a lie down with them. Paprika thought we were so adorable together that she quietly took our picture, then let us sleep undisturbed. I think we’re all going to be good friends.

Having a bit of a lie down with my new friends, Linus and Sam - aren't they darlings?!
Having a bit of a lie down with my new friends, Linus and Sam – aren’t they darlings?!

Today Paprika is taking me to lunch with some friends and she says she has “a historical surprise” for me. I’m so excited. I wonder what that means?! We’re leaving soon, so I must go and get ready for today’s adventure.

Love to you all,

Flat Kathy

8 thoughts on “Living the life of leisure

  1. Dear F.K., Clever of you to hide in the hostas, next time, you just need to duck down lower and she’ll never spot you.

    You owl friend looks like a “Bart” to me.


    1. Thank you, Kathy!

      I wish I’d received a few more suggestions for a good name for the strange little owl in Paprika’s garden. I’d promised him that we would give him a nice name. Can you suggest anything?


    1. Hello Pix & Kardz – Flat Kathy sure did have a grand time with Paprika and Oregano and their ‘kittens’. I wonder how she’s doing at the moment? She’s been rather silent recently.


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