I have arrived in New Jersey: It’s a good life

30 July 2013

My dear friends around the world:

I’m happy to report that I arrived safely at my destination in New Jersey. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would, but I sure am happy to be done traveling. Being squashed into an airmail envelope, even a padded one with bubble-wrap, for a week isn’t as delightful as it’s made out to be – in-flight entertainment was on the sparse side, though I did have lots of fun popping the bubbles.

My hostess, Paprika (who has her very own – and very funny – blog here), was very excited to greet me and practically skipped up the driveway to welcome me into her home. I got to meet her cats, Linus and Sam, but they aren’t too sure about me just yet. I suspect we’ll have to get to know each other a bit better before we’re cozy.

I arrive at Paprika and Oregano's home in New Jersey after a long flight across the Atlantic Ocean
I arrive at Paprika and Oregano’s home in New Jersey after a long flight across the Atlantic Ocean

I was exhausted from the traveling and the jet lag. It is a stunningly gorgeous summer day here, so I asked Paprika if I could take a nap in her hammock in the garden. I slept for a bit and now feel refreshed and ready to meet Oregano when he gets home from work this evening.

I sleep off my jet-lag in my friends' hammock - Heaven!
I sleep off my jet-lag in my friends’ hammock – Heaven!

7 thoughts on “I have arrived in New Jersey: It’s a good life

  1. F.K., I love the photo of you arriving in the mail box. I’m surprised Reggie didn’t cut eye-holes in the envelope so you could see out. Sounds like you had fun popping those bubbles.

    Have a good nap after your trip and say “hello” to Paprika for me.


    1. What an ingenious suggestion, Sybil! Reminds one of portholes on a ship…

      But, to be honest, given the reputation of our postal services, I really didn’t want to call attention to the fact that Flat Kathy was travelling inside that envelope – she might have been abducted and held for ransom, or worse! We are just incredibly relieved that she reached her destination safely.


  2. Flat Kathy, how exciting to see that you’ve been traveling again! And now you’re in New Jersey. How cool is that? P.S. I like the name Paprika.


    1. It is lovely to hear from you again, Kathy. And great to be in New Jersey – which isn’t actually all THAT far from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan, is it? I do hope I’ll get to meet you in person some day.

      P.S. I also like the name Paprika. Her husband is called Oregano – and Oregano’s mom is Rosemary, and their friends are Cinnamon and Caraway… isn’t that interesting? I wonder whether they also have friends like Basil and Thyme and Fennel…


    1. Hello Pix & Kardz – welcome to Flat Kathy’s blog! Always a pleasure to meet a friend of Paprika’s. I hope you enjoyed your browsing. See you again!


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