Some housekeeping on Flat Kathy’s blog

Flat Kathy is currently heading to her next destination – New Jersey in the United States!! – and she has asked me to do some housekeeping on her blog in the meantime.

  1. You will see that she has added a new page to the top menu, rather ambitiously titled ‘My Travel Plans’. It has been updated to show where she has been already, and where she is going now. She is hoping that all of you wonderful readers and loyal blog followers of her will invite her over for a visit. Wouldn’t it be wild if Flat Kathy got to travel all around the world?
  2. You can use the ‘Contact Me’ page to send a message to her – or rather me, her appointed travel-coordinator. 🙂
  3. The right sidebar has also been spruced up a bit.
  4. Flat Kathy likes her posts to be published in the correct chronological order, and I’m afraid I let things slide a bit lately, much to her displeasure. She said, rather firmly, that she wants “to make things easy for her official biographer”. To be honest, that rather floored me, as I didn’t even know she was planning to have a book written about her! But there you go… As I said, Flat Kathy does have big dreams!
  5. So, in order to make sure that the posts are published on the correct dates, I have had to go back and change the date-and-time stamps on her Namibian posts. I hope this won’t be too much of an inconvenience.
  6. However, I have also just published the first couple of posts about her trip to England with Paula and Morton, on the wrong dates. Goshdarnit. So I’ve had to go and correct the time-and-date stamps on those, which means that the links you might have received won’t work anymore. I’m so sorry about that.

Here are the correct links:

I shall be publishing some more posts about her trip around England in the coming days. Happy browsing!

11 thoughts on “Some housekeeping on Flat Kathy’s blog

  1. That explains a slew of England posts from May. I wondered what you were up to F.K. So you’re off to New Jersey. I look forward to seeing your adventures there.


    1. Yes, I’m on the aeroplane at the moment, though I have no idea where I *actually* I am, as I am stuck inside a bubble-wrap envelope… I hope I am somewhere over the Atlantic!


    1. Are those in New Jersey? I am going to visit Paprika and Oregano, but I don’t know exactly where they stay. I hope they will show me on a map when I arrive.

      Thank you for the travel tips, Patty. Where do you stay?


    2. Cape May and Atlantic City are great suggestions, but they are both about 3 hours away from our home. We love Cape May and seriously considered going down there with her, but time just did not allow for it. Princeton is not very far, but we’ll only have Flat Kathy with us in NJ for a few more days before we head out west, so I’m not sure if we’ll get there.

      Where did you live in NJ?


  2. I love that Flat Kathy is traveling to many new places! Reggie, you were/are a wonderful hostess. I’ll bet FK will remember her time with you for the rest of her life!


    1. Gosh, I hope so, Kathy. It’s been quite a ride, as you can imagine! That is one feisty lady, with a mind of her own. Irrepressibly cheerful in the most challenging conditions, and game for pretty much anything, which is quite inspirational. I rather wish I was more like her! Well, in some respects… let’s rather not talk about her reasons for having to leave Nova Scotia in the first place.


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