I am airmailed to New Jersey

Saturday 20 July 2013

This morning, I gave my final goodbye hugs to the Twins, and asked Miss Tuffy-Cat and Gilbert the Gnome to help keep an eye on them. Then, Reggie and Richard drove with me to their local post office at the Howard Centre in Pinelands.

I can still clearly remember the day I arrived there, in Reggie’s postbox, at the end of January. At the time, I had been a little fearful of what would await me down here, near the southernmost tip of the African continent. But all my fears had been groundless, as I had truly had an unforgettably wonderful time.

I helped Reggie to write a card to Paprika and Oregano in New Jersey, who will be my next host family. Richard took a couple of final photos of us.

“I am going to send you by airmail,” Reggie told me, as she gave me a hug before sliding me into the big bubble-wrap envelope. “The lady at the counter said you should reach your destination within 4 to 7 days, so be brave, hang in there, and let me know when you arrive in New Jersey. Send me some photos and tell me about your adventures, and I will keep updating your blog for you. Be good and have lots of fun!”

Goodbye, Cape Town!

We are at the post office
We are at the post office

8 thoughts on “I am airmailed to New Jersey

    1. That was the last photo I have of the two of us. Sigh. We miss her, Sybil. Even Tuffy-Cat and Gilbert-the-Gnome have been moping around the house and garden.


    2. Thank you, Sybil. I admit I was feeling rather emotional when Reggie tucked me into that envelope – and a bit fearful of what my next adventure might bring. But Paprika and Oregano have been such welcoming hosts that I soon felt right at home here.


  1. Hello, FlatKathy! I am a reader of Paprika’s blog, and I am also Oregano’s Mom! I had the pleasure of meeting you yesterday when I visited them, and I was able to welcome you to New Jersey also!! You will have a wonderful time with P & O because they are wonderful hosts, and they are very excited to have you with them!


    1. Welcome to Flat Kathy’s blog, Rosemary! So pleased you popped by and left a comment. FK really has an extraordinarily adventurous life. How exciting that you got to meet her yesterday! I am very grateful to Paprika for being so helpful in assisting FK to update her blog – FK is not a very fast typist herself, you see. We are all looking forward to reading more about your/her voyages around the US.


      1. Yes, we will try to see you again before you leave our country! But we can always stay in touch by email!! LOL!! xoxo


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