Goodbye – and Hello – in Salisbury

10 June 2013

After catching a ride on the Plymouth Big Wheel, we headed to our next destination: Salisbury!

“You look very excited, Flat Kathy,” remarked Paula with a smile.

“Oh, Paula, I am! I can hardly sit still!” I exclaimed. “I am so looking forward to seeing Reggie and Richard again. I can’t believe they’re flying all the way from South Africa to England to fetch me!”

“Yes,” said Paula. “I think they must miss you very much.”

“Where are we going to meet them?” I asked.

“At Salisbury Cathedral,” said Morton. “We thought it would be best to meet in a place that would be easy to find. And you’ll see – the cathedral is spectacular.”

He was right. It really was. I felt sooo small next to it.

Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral

We were standing in front of the Cathedral, looking up at the spires… when, suddenly – there they were! My friends from South Africa!

“Hellloooo!” I shouted. “Reggie, Richard, ohhh, it is wonderful to see you!”

We all hugged and greeted each other. I almost couldn’t believe that they had actually come.

I felt a bit emotional, when the time came to say goodbye to my other South African friends, who had been travelling around England with me for over a month.

“You really have been the most amazing hosts,” I said tearfully. “Thank you sooo much for taking me with you. And for teaching me so much. I shall never forget you. I hope that I shall see you again when we return to Cape Town in a couple of weeks.”

“That’s quite alright,” said Morton, shaking my hand a final time.

“You’re very welcome, Flat Kathy” said Paula, beaming cheerfully at me. “Now go-go, have fun! We’ll see you soon.”

For the next three weeks, I will be traveling around the UK with Reggie and Richard
For the next three weeks, I will be traveling around the UK with Reggie and Richard

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