Catching a ride on the Plymouth big wheel

10 June 2013

On our last morning together with my dear friends, Paula and Morton, as well as their son Roy and his wife Monique, we stopped off in Plymouth. This is the port city from which the famous ship, the Mayflower, departed for the New World America in 1620.

This is the Big Wheel at Plymouth
This is the Big Wheel at Plymouth

After visiting the commemorative Mayflower Steps in Sutton Pool, we went for a spin on the Big Wheel, so that we could get the best view of the town. It was great fun! The weather was perfect, we had blue skies all around, and so we could see far into the distance. The running commentary pointing out the landmarks and telling us about the history of the city, kept us all entertained too.

We walked around the Naval Memorial, which commemorates those who died in World War I and II, and looked at the statue of Sir Francis Drake, the controversial sea captain / slave trader / pirate, who sailed around the world from 1577 to 1580.

We admired the re-built lighthouse known as Smeaton’s Tower, which, with its red-and-white stripes of paint, is a very striking landmark. It was built in 1756 and in use until 1877, when it was discovered that the rocks on which it was standing were being eroded by the strong waves. As a result, it was dismantled and re-built in its new location on Plymouth Hoe.

And with that, our trip around southwestern England had come to an end. Our next destination would be Salisbury!

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