Enchanted by the garden of Eden

09 June 2013

“Today, we are going to visit a very unusual place in Cornwall,” declared Paula, as we packed the car for the final leg of our journey around Cornwall. Tomorrow, we would be driving to Salisbury, and I was already very, very excited about that, because we were going to meet some special friends. But I shall you about that later.

Welcome to the Eden Project
Welcome to the Eden Project

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“We’re going to visit the Eden Project, Flat Kathy. This is a large complex made up of two huge covered geodesic domes, one of which is a Mediterranean biome, while the second is a tropical one. The outdoor biome, which does not have a roof, represents the temperate regions of the earth. You will see that there is also a South African garden, with indigenous plants.”

When we arrived at the complex, the first thing we saw were the two humungous domes. Morton explained that they were made up of hundreds of hexagonal and pentagonal plastic cells, supported by a steel structure. Inside, it felt as though we were walking through a giant greenhouse.

The Eden Project runs all kinds of programmes that educate visitors about ecology and environmental issues, and about the importance of gardening and looking after the natural world.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit here. Have a look at some of the photos below.

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